Feng Shui Your Home and Fitness Rountine

Many people do not know that fitness and feng shui can work alongside each other to enrich both one’s soul and body. While you are bringing more peace, tranquil, balance and harmony to the home, you can also make decisions that can help you to look and feel great as well. The following are ways and instances fitness and feng shui work together.


Did you know that a cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind? In turn, a cluttered mind is easily overrun by anxiety. Most people reach out for the wrong, unhealthy foods whenever they feel anxious. Therefore, so as to make healthy eating choices and breathe more easily, get rid of clutter in your car and home.

The Right Colors

Feng shui helps one to choose the right colors. Colors are important to the general well-being and fitness of a person. Why? Colors such as yellow, orange and red stimulate appetite and can make you feel hungrier than you actually are. Therefore, to guard against overeating, choose mellow, calming, earthy colors such as blue, green and brown for eating spaces. The rooms should also be kept airy and bright with plenty of natural light.


Mirrors are integral in a feng shui design as they reflect positive light and energy. Mirrors can brighten living areas and make eating more enjoyable.

Get the Right Plate Size and Shape

You should ensure that your plate isn’t too large as the larger the plate is, the more a person is tempted to fill it. Smaller plates lead to smaller portions.

The shape of the plate is equally important. A square plate contributes to a calmer meal because, in feng shui, the square symbolizes being grounded and down-to-earth. Thus, eating from a square plate will make meal time more relaxing and will increase the chance that you’ll eat more slowly.

Shop for the Right Foods

You must be knowing by now that good nutrition and feng shui go hand in hand. Therefore, stock your pantry and fridge with healthy and vibrant foods that are rich in life-giving vitamins and minerals.

You should place bowls of fresh vegetables and beautiful vegetables on the kitchen counter, aFeng Shui Fitness and Homend have a beautiful water pitcher available. That is because you will be more likely to reach for them when they are in plain sight.

If you’re going to install a home gym you can find an online trainer for gym style workouts. Online fitness experts recommend that you give it the right fitness feng shui so as to help improve your energy during the workouts. The right fitness space should have natural light streaming in from the doors and windows. If it is difficult to add more windows, you may introduce extra light sources to the room or add some lamps which use light white bulbs. Bringing in plants such as bamboo plants, ferns, spider plants, etc. can help to boost the amount of oxygen in the room. Clearing the workout space of clutter as well as adding a mirror to the workout space are other little ways you can improve the workout experience.

Therefore, feng shui and fitness can work together create a positive, healthy, and balanced energy.

Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient | Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation is an act of creating a barrier between two different bodies with the main aim being the prevention of heat loss and heat gain. Insulation is usually done on the roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. Proper insulation means proper lifestyle and efficient energy saving skills.
Insulation mainly occurs in two types namely; bulk insulation and reflective insulation. Bulk insulation functions by creating a barrier between the outside environment and the inside of your house. Insulating materials used here are such as polyester, recycled paper and glass wool. On the other hand, reflective insulation functions by keeping your house warm by deflecting any form of radiant heat. Insulating material used is a paper or plastic laminated in a shinny aluminum foil.EnergyRatingGraphic

Pros of insulating your house
Proper use of proper insulating material can create a major difference in many households. The following are some of the major advantages and reasons as to why each and every home owner should have their house insulated.

Energy costs are lowered
Insulation has been found to preserve and save energy in many households. With an insulated house, the urgency to use house heaters during the cold season and air conditioners during the warm seasons is greatly reduced. This can be attributed to the fact that, insulation helps in the prevention of energy loss and energy gain. A high number of people living under insulated houses have attributed up to 40% of home energy rating saving efficiency in their households.

Proper health is maintained
Since heat and moisture are kept in check by an insulator, the chances of condensation taking place in your house are highly reduced. The absence of condensation simply means that mold and a damp environment are a thing of the past. This in turn reduces the chances of getting allergic reactions caused by damp air and molds.

Greenhouse emissions are lowered
The greenhouse effect has been known to be the major cause of global warming in recent years. Insulation helps in reducing the greenhouse effect by preventing the emission of excess heat, moisture and carbon in the air.

Insulation saves you money
The use of certain insulating materials such as fiberglass which has been replaced by spray foam insulation can earn you a tax reduction by boosting your tax credits. This means that, when you file for your end of year tax returns, the amount of tax accumulated will be deducted from the tax obtained from the fiberglass insulating material hence saving you extra money. Many companies are making it there job to inform home owners of the saving just like the spray foam insulation sacramento project that help home owners view their cost savings
Noise pollution reduction
Some insulating materials have been designed in such a manner that they can arrest and reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution can be in terms of loud music, hooting cars or noise generated by cooking appliances. These insulating materials function by preventing sound transmission through the walls of your house hence providing you with a peaceful and quiet environment.

Promotes a healthy and safety house
Different insulating materials are made up of different types of end products. Some of these end products can be hazardous to human health. The good news however lies in the fact that, some insulating materials are free from hazardous materials such as formaldehyde. The use of formaldehyde free insulating materials ensures that your entire family is well protected from life threatening diseases caused by the inhalation of hazardous materials. The use of fiberglass as an insulating material keeps molds and mildews at bay.

The advantages of growing your own organic herb garden

a1As tedious as it may sound, more and more people are opting to grow their own herbs as opposed to buying bags of them at the local market. While some people do it for the practical reason of having fresh herbs readily available, many have found it to be a relaxing way to spend their free time at home. If you’re looking for a rewarding new hobby, or simply looking for a unique and inexpensive addition to your home, the acquisition of an herb garden may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.c5494383f524e9c1cb565f1b1a3de58f

   As long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, having an herb garden has a bounty of advantages. Here are a few of the top reasons as to why it is definitely worth the investment.

  1. Spicing Up Your Meals – With a wide array of fresh herbs right in your backyard, you can transform your typical Sunday night meal into a brand new dish. You might even find yourself looking forward to cooking and eating at home, rather than going out to eat.
  2. Healthier Than Ever – The addition of fresh herbs to your diet is a fantastic way of getting more vitamins and minerals from your food. Moreover, gardening (with all the digging, bending and stretching) is a great source of exercise. Watch as this hobby makes your muscles toned and your skin glow.organicherbgarden
  3. Stress Relief – The simple act of visiting a garden has been scientifically proven to improve your mood. Imagine how much good tending to one must have. Being around the sea of green and wonderful aromas does wonders on relieving built up stress.
  4. Instant Gift Ideas – Growing your own herbs generally means that you’ll usually have more than you can use. This leaves you with a bunch of extras that you can readily share with friends and family. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a guest show up to a dinner party with a jar full of delicious fresh herbs?
  5. Overall Fun – Though it may be a relatively dirty hobby, having the daily opportunity of seeing how much your hard work has paid off is a truly rewarding experience. In addition to having a gorgeous sight and fragrant aromas around you, the practical benefits of it all will definitely beat out whatever little sacrifices you’ve made.

How to build the best home gym for you without going broke

a3Having a home gym is generally related to big, luxurious houses. It’s no surprise, considering that they are usually known to require a large space, an extra room, and tons of expensive equipment pieces. However, for those who are looking to get into shape without being burdened by monthly membership fees, the hassles of scheduling daily trips to the gym, or are simply unwilling to work around sweaty strangers, then the idea of having a gym at home sounds like dream born out of necessity.

However, building a gym at home doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg, particularly if this is your first time doing so. Here are a few key things to bear in mind when building your own home-based workout area.

  1. Consider your space

Just because you’re living in a small studio apartment, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have your home gym. Modern home gyms don’t have to be big since they usually eliminate the use of machines which can take up a huge amount of space. Having a small, empty space away from any fragile things or sharp corners is all that you really need. The presence of a mirror can be helpful, but that really depends on the preferences of the individual.

  1. Build ONLY what you need

Although many workout routines do include the use of expensive gym equipment, there are several dynamite workouts that are designed to be done at home. With these workouts, you’d probably only be required to have some simple tools like a jump rope, a couple of weights, some resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a stability ball. These things should be more than enough for you to practice nearly all of the all-around, home-based workouts.

  1. Consider your progress

a4As pessimistic as this may sound, many people only feel the hype of working out for a temporary amount of time. This is also one of the reasons why Fitness Zone’s fitness and wellness coordinator, Wayne Boucher, suggests that the best time to buy fitness equipment is a month and a half after Christmas. He explains, “Exercise gear is given as Christmas presents or purchased as part of a New Year’s resolution to get fit, and by mid-February, it turns up for sale on websites.” So before you think about expanding your home gym and buying more complicated gear, consider how much you are using it. Having a home gym isn’t for everyone. Really consider whether you’re better working out at home, or if you’d be more productive if you went out to an actual gym.